BC3 seminars: Social learning through economic experiments: an intervention in three rural water systems

Data: | 14/09/25 - 12:00-13:00 | Lekua: Alameda Urquijo 4, 4 (Bilbao)

Economic experiments have traditionally been used as a tool for measuring human behavior in different contexts of social interaction. However, little has been discussed so far on the role of experiments as tools for learning and social change. Over the last year we conducted a series of educational interventions and measures of attitudes and behaviors on the use and conservation of water in three municipal aqueducts in Guasca (Colombia). In two of the three aqueducts we used economic experiments as a pedagogical tool for understanding the effects of this activity on the behaviors and attitudes of rural households in the sample. We repeated the application of the games a few months later with most of the same sample of 200 participants. In one of these aqueducts we held workshops with the community to provide feedback on the results of the games. Our aim is to evaluate how attitudes and behavior of the households are affected by the participation in the experiments.